Since 1996 we have taken pride in providing excellent customer service to all our clients and will continue to provide the best service to meet our clients' needs.

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"Chris is a consummate professional and expert of his industry. I was referred to a different inspector by the Listing Agent of the property i was purchasing, but i did not trust them, so called Chris based on his very positive reviews on Yelp and AngiesList

He arrived early for our appointment and was one of the nicer guys i've ever met in the industry and i've met a lot of inspectors in my prior work experience - I used to work in Real Estate in the Boston area, and while I've been living in Hoboken for almost 2 years as a renter, the type of buildings and difference in the Boston & Hoboken market is extremely different. He was by far the best i've had the pleasure of working with !

He was extremely knowledgeable and was VERY thorough and detail-oriented - which is exactly the type of person you need for this service. He took the time to really show me exactly what he saw, the reason why it was a concern, he was very patient and I could tell he took a lot a pride in his work and wanted his customers to REALLY know exactly the potential risks of a property and his advise on the type of fixes that would be needed. Many inspectors just do a superficial check, check their boxes, and ask for their can tell in just minutes through the inspection that he really is an advocate for a Home Buyer and wants them to come into the purchase with eyes wide open. He took many pictures, made copious notes, he really turned over every stone he could and made sure that i understood each and every red flag he noticed. He even gave me a few pointers and a crash-course on what to look out for as a home owner when it comes to maintenance of the property - definately took the time to show me 'what to look out for' and was a pretty valuable learning experience actually

You can tell he is very committed to his customers, his official report was SUPER detailed, complete with pictures, arrows in the things in the pictures, detailed notes about the visuals - and complete with recommendations and types of contractors to potentially call in the future in reference to those problems.

I couldn't have been impressed more - and most importantly: Chris is a real stand-up, honest, genuine and hard working guy. Which is a real rarity in this industry.

The other 5 star reviews are very accurate - if you need any home inspection services at all in the NJ/NY area , i would HIGHLY recommend Chris and CM Burrows Inc and especially in the Hoboken/Edgewater and other areas of Hudson County - you can't go wrong " - Noel J

"This is the second time I’ve had a home inspection done by Chris, and his level of service was as great this time as the first.  He’s responsive, on-time, thorough in his inspection, and provided a great report to both me and the seller on an extremely fast timeline.  While performing the inspection, he took the time to walk me through each of the items he noticed with the unit and gave very practical advice and easy-to-understand explanations.  His fee was very reasonable, especially compared to the cost of other inspectors I’ve seen in the listings, and I felt I got a great value for my money.  I would definitely recommend him and will be using his services for any other inspection needs I have in the future." - Nancy H

"Fantastic service. We were very pleased with Chris. He came on time and explained everything in details. Even the most stupid questions I had was answered. Besides all, he also sent the inspection report the next day. He didn't rush and just was very professional. I would recommend him." - Tatiana B

" I live in a condo in Jersey City I'm purchasing from my landlord, and Chris did  a great job pointing out a lot of flaws that I had no idea about though I live here.  He was very pleasant, punctual, and went above and beyond with his inspection, checking the roof of our 7 story building for access and checking the basement.  He even gave me on opinion that lead testing is most likely a waste with the building having been completed gutted and rehab'd in 1986. Thus, I think he is thorough and his price is completely fair and he does not try to press you into things you don't need. " – Tania V

"Chris showed up about five minutes before 8 am, our agreed upon meeting time.  He go right to work walking through the space.  He started out by giving my wife, myself and our realtor a game plan - I'm going to do this first, then we'll do this, then this, then I'll finish with this, etc.  He spent nearly two hours in the unit with us and was beyond thorough, even point out two loose boards in the living room.  He climbed up on to the roof of the building even though our unit is on the first floor.  Examined the common areas, gave us some insight in to old wiring and potential impacts of some electrical issues we found and made us feel comfortable about the unit.  He pointed out all of the issues but never in a way that scared us or went over the top.  His final report was amazing - detailed, color photos of all of the issues.  Our lawyer even commented on review how wonderful the inspection was.  Chris was pleasant, professional and thorough.  Would definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone who needs an inspector.  He turned our report around in 24 hours due to a tight timeline the sellers added to our contract.  Great experience." - Kyle H

"During the inspection, Chris tried to help us understand what major or minor problems should be considered in each and every room of the unit. He's very nice to patiently answer to however many questions we asked as first-time home buyers. After the inspection, Chris made a very through report with helpful pictures. It was definitely pleasure to have him for the inspection of our new home." - Minjoo L