Mold & Indoor Air Quality Testing


  • C.M. Burrows Inc. provides mold testing and inspections throughout the state of New Jersey and helps homeowners and Building owners determine if Mold is present. C.M. Burrows Inc. is experienced in performing mold inspections, moisture tracking, and testing in residential homes, new construction, renovations, and commercial buildings.

What Is Mold?
Molds are micro-organisms that are decomposers of dead organic materials. The spores and hair-like bodies of individual mold colonies are too small for us to see without a microscope. When a lot of mold is growing on a surface, it often appears, black, blue, or green. The color of mold is determined by the type and is influenced by the nutrient source, surface substrate and age of the colony.

Mold needs water to grow. Mold also needs a food source, oxygen and a temp. between 40 degrees and 100 degrees. Mold grows on wood, paper, drywall, and other materials made from wood. Mold prefers damp or wet material. Also high humidity makes enough moisture available to make surfaces damp enough for mold to grow.

Why should I consider having a Mold test?

  • Building materials which have become water damaged due to roof leaks, plumbing leaks, excessive permeation through exterior brick, and other reasons may support mold/fungal and/or bacterial growth. The presence of such species may pose a nuisance and/or health hazard to homeowners and building occupants. C.M. Burrows Inc. conducts sampling and inspection of the air and water media in a discreet manner so that any microbiological species present may be identified.

Hiring A Professional Mold Inspector

The mold inspection will include a complete visual examination and the careful collection of air samples, tape samples, swab samples, and lab analysis of samples. If mold is present, the inspector should provide a written evaluation describing the mold type, locations, levels, and give recommendations for correction or prevention.

There are 3 phases that are performed in a proper home inspection. Our inspectors are licensed and insured and will perform a thorough and accurate inspection.

When the inspection is complete we will present the homeowner with our customized report that is accurate and easy to understand.

The line item summary page and detailed photo image page save valuable time and makes the report easy to understand.