Oil Tank Search


  • C.M. Burrows Inc. provides Oil Tank Search throughout the state of New Jersey and helps homeowners and Building owners determine if an oil tank is present. C.M. Burrows Inc. is experienced in performing an oil tank search, and testing in residential homes, new construction, renovations, and commercial buildings.

Why should I consider having an Oil Tank Search?

Many homes constructed were initially heated with oil. After a natural gas conversion was made underground oil tanks were forgotten about or never completely removed. We highly recommend that an Oil Tank Search be conducted to determine if an abandoned heating oil tank remains on the property.

Warning signs of an undisclosed buried oil tank:
  • Home or building was constructed prior to 1975 and has natural gas heat.
  • An above ground oil tank provides fuel for heat or hot water.
  • Pipes are visible sticking up from the ground or driveway at the property.
  • Extra lines are entering the basement from the outside and do not appear to be productive.

Hire a Professional to Perform the Oil tank Search:
The technician will first look outside and inside the home for clues that may indicate a past or current oil tankÔÇŽi.e. the presence of an oil fired furnace, oil burner shut off switches, pipes, or lines exiting the foundation/ floor, patches indicative of oil lines etc. Second, utilizing electronic metal detection equipment, the technician will walk the grounds searching for any buried metallic objects. The detection equipment utilized is capable of locating metallic objects. This type of detection and visual inspections inside the home helps determine the existence of oil or storage tanks that may otherwise go undetected. If a tank is discovered, you will receive a written report detailing the location of the tank. Our report includes detailed findings and recommends the steps you should follow to avoid inheriting a potential environmental problem.

There are 3 phases that are performed in a proper home inspection. Our inspectors are licensed and insured and will perform a thorough and accurate inspection.

When the inspection is complete we will present the homeowner with our customized report that is accurate and easy to understand.

The line item summary page and detailed photo image page save valuable time and makes the report easy to understand.