Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspections


What is "Infested?"
The inspector must list the structures inspected. This information is provided to the PCO by the person ordering the inspection. Since the report addresses the conditions of the structure listed on the report, only infestation of that structure may be reported. Further, the inspector does not have to see live insects to call a structure infested based upon visible evidence. Based upon the education and experience of an inspector, evidence of termite activity goes beyond seeing live insects. Shelter tubes that are undisturbed and wings without any sign of treatment are just two of the signs which may lead an inspector to consider a structure infested.

Termites in Mulch
There is no question that termites in mulch are a common occurrence. Mulch is a product of wood and the cellulose is excellent food for termites. Hardwood bark seems to be less attractive than softer woods such as pine nuggets. The moisture, food source, and protection of the mulch make ideal conditions for the survival of termites. Inspectors finding termites in mulch will be faced with the dilemma of properly reporting the findings to the home owner.

There are 3 phases that are performed in a proper home inspection. Our inspectors are licensed and insured and will perform a thorough and accurate inspection.

When the inspection is complete we will present the homeowner with our customized report that is accurate and easy to understand.

The line item summary page and detailed photo image page save valuable time and makes the report easy to understand.